The 10 best Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available in the market. Some cryptocurrencies have good profit value, but some are not. Moreover, all the cryptocurrencies are inconsistent, so they do not have to fix profit value. It changes with market conditions and strategy.

So in this article, we have summed up the 10 best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in other than bitcoin. Because we all know that no doubt bitcoin is good, it requires a lot of investment in shares, has decreased market value in 2021. So, in this article, we give you a brief review of the ten most important cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

But before having a review, you should know the things to consider while choosing cryptocurrency. First, get a quick look at the credentials on which you should ponder:


Things to Consider While Choosing Your Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrencies to invest in


  • Generation of Blockchain:

There is not a single type of cryptocurrency. Some are tokens, while some are coins. You should always try your level best to have underlying cryptocurrency, which is not only in demand but has good productivity too.

  • Age:

Community is a factor that controls cryptocurrency. The level of trust which community puts in the cryptocurrency brings its success. So, focus on this fact regarding age. It will help you to choose the best and productive cryptocurrency.

  • Special Features:

With time, cryptocurrency develops some unique features which determine the success, desiring level of the currency. So, if you have s reasonable budget, you should go for the unique featured cryptocurrency.

  • Value and Divisibility:

Like a thousand rupee, which is divided into ten notes of hundred and each note of hundred is divided into ten notes of 10 rupees and 1 rupee is further divided into 100 paise, same as cryptocurrency is further divided determines its value. So, look for the best one with good value.

  • Transaction Costs and Speed:

Some cryptocurrencies have many fees on their transactions and are also not good in speed. So always look for this feature. It will prevent you from future problems and hurdles. So, be attentive regarding speed because you will achieve success in the cryptocurrency world through speed.

  • Privacy:

Some cryptocurrencies are not too good at maintaining privacy. This means that you are threatened to have spam, fraud, etc., but some currencies are good at maintaining a secure connection. They have proper intimate security systems and protocols through which they provide you with safety. So, security should be your priority, and you should look for it at your first.


The 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest [2022]

As we know, the market is full of cryptocurrencies, and it is challenging to have the good one. We make it easy for you to find the best. Here are some cryptocurrencies that are short-listed.

Let’s have a thorough review of them one by one:


1. Ethereum (ETH)

After the bitcoin, which currency comes to our mind is Ethereum (ETH). It is the most valuable and preferred cryptocurrency of the time. It allows decentralized and well-managed contracts to be made at ease without the collaboration, interference of third parties.

ETH is also prevented from downtime of the processing of cryptocurrency. It makes the trending of national products accessible and easy without having any fraud.

In some states, there are no rules and regulations of the bank regarding trading. In such cases, Ethereum provides the best choice to go with. ETH platform releases the Ether Token to its users and allows them to trade with ether. ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Indeed, according to the 2021 stats, it costs half of the bitcoin value, but after bitcoin, it comes second in the market capitalization.

It was launched in 2015, and till now, it’s a system upgraded many times like in 2021, its proof-of-work (Pow) has been replaced with the proof-of-stake. This minor change brings a lot of modifications to the system, like the need for electricity has been reduced and the same as the processing time of ether.

Because it involves the stake to involve in trading, proof of stake brings more profit for the trader. Proof of stake also makes the system super secure and easily approachable. Regarding the winning strategies, ETH acts the same as bitcoin. So, after bitcoin, you should go for Ethereum first.


2. LiteCoin (LTH)

Litecoin (LTH) was launched in 2011. It comes in the footprints after the bitcoin. LTH is also named the “Gold of Silver” in the current world. Litecoin was launched by a graduate of MIT and engineer of google named Charlie Lee. The cryptocurrency world is thankful to him for the creation of such cryptocurrency.

Litecoin is the sixteenth largest cryptocurrency in the crypto world. It is like bitcoin in many of its aspects. Moreover, LTH involves script as a proof of work (Pow) which can be decoded with the help of consumer or user grade.

Regarding the transaction processing time, it is the fastest cryptocurrency. It has a fast block generation rate, which makes it super-fast regarding transaction generation time.

There are a lot of merchants who like trading with bitcoin. With time, lite coins users are increasing day by day. According to the Stats of 2021, Litecoin accounts for $6 billion in the market, with a token of $190.

Litecoin has no security issues too. It is a proper system that prevents you from hacking and stealing your currency. It always earned a name regarding its security. It is always remained a choice for traders because of its quickest services. There are maybe a few problems in buying the whole shares because they are expensive, and the growth is relatively slow.


3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is considered the best cryptocurrency of altcoins. It remains as earliest and most successful cryptocurrency and hard fork of the time.

The fork is a term that is used for the currency which the seller and the consumers decide. If they both will not agree, then the cryptocurrency will be split.

Bitcoin Cash also termed BCH, results from such spilled and later established as its own independent currency. In short, it comes into the market as a result of debate and arguments.

According to the Stats of 2021, BCH has a worth value of $12 billion in the market capitulation with a token value of $640.

Bitcoin has some problems in scalability, which are resolved by the development of BCH. Bitcoin cash has more blockage scalability, more than 1-megabyte MG. the central theme behind the BCH is that more profit could be generated on more transactions. And the number of transactions is directly released with the processing time and block scalability.

Moreover, witness segregated protocol has also been removed from BCH. But, BCH is excellent in its functionality. It is on its way to progress and soon will meet the world with higher popularity and usage.


4. Cardano (ADA)

Cordano was launched by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder with other five members who made Ethereum. Due to some dispute, he left the Etheruem cabinet and joined this project.

Cardano is also named as “ouroboros proof of stake”. This cryptocurrency is one of the world’s best cryptocurrencies which are manufactured based on research.

Cardano is highly monitored by engineers, mathematicians, cryptography, and many others. It involves such extensive research that its blockchain terminology covers more than 90 pages, which is just a single topic than think by yourself about how much research has been conducted before the creation of Cardano.

ADA beats the Ethereum proof of stake consensus model. That’s why it is also named Ethereum killer. However, it is believed that blockchain is the backbone of Cardano and is capable of more as Cardano is in progress now.

Cardano is eligible to provide the solution of the world’s problems related to either sum. ADA is great in tracing legal trading and many more.

According to the stats of 2021, cardamom accounts for the third most valuable currency in the market capitalization and oat for $71 billion. In a nutshell, a significant cryptocurrency to go with is also on the way to progress with time.


5. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) is a unique, proof of stake cryptocurrency. The primary protocol behind the creation of DOT is to connect the highly secure and permission-able network to a low secure and non-permissible network to allow them trading.

DOT allows the system to work under one roof. Polkadot differs in many ways from Ethereum, as when Ethereum connects with any network, it will formalize its security causes, but the Polkadot has nothing to do with the security measures because all was also implemented in it. It just processes the command.

All such concerns make Polkadot more applicable and super-fast without being worried about security. Polkadot was launched by Gavin Wood, who is also among the five co-founders of Ethereum. According to the stats of 2021, it accounts roughly for $35 billion.


6. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a type of cryptocurrency that makes the system easy for us and acts as a decentralized system to connect to a network like ethereal and connect to outside it.

LINK has many incorporated cases for its proper usage. It makes the system super easy, fascinating, legal, and intelligent. An example of chainlink is that you are using chainlink to record water usage in your area. Chainlink oracle converts this data into intelligent data and allows you to find the improper use of water. Moreover, you can check and use where the water is going, what is the total demand of water for this area, etc. chainlink oracle do all for you.

Steve Ellis launches it along with Serge Nazarov. According to the Stats of 2021, chainlink has a value of $13.5 billion in market capitalization, and one link accounts for $30.50.


7. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is an open network used for more significant transactions and enterprise purposes. The main aim to create the XLM is to have more significant and speedy transactions.

In the bank, you have to pay more extensive fees and have to wait for several days. Stellar has no intermediate and has very minimal or no fees at all on the transaction. Anyone can use the stellar (XLM) as the people too who are out of the country.

The native currency of stellar is Lumen. Stellar demands you to have Lumen to start your business. While you start your business on cryptocurrency, it will give you an option to convert to your currency. You can replace your money in Lumen and have smooth trading with stellar by going to this option.

Jad McCaleb launches stellar. He was the co-founder of Ralph, then he left it and created the stellar as a co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation. According to the Stats of 2021, Stellar has a worth value of $565 million in market capitalization. A single XLM accounts for a profit of $0.33.

Stellar is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and is looking for a precise, secure and fast money exchange system. They can go for stellar (XLM).


8. Tether (USDT)

Tether (USDT) is the most common open network of stable coins. Tether currency is such a cryptocurrency that roots out his fingerprint in the market with reference. The reference is USDT, the current currency of the market is USDT.

This practice 9f having a reference prevents one from volatilization. Tether and other stable coins bring a smooth path of working for traders.

Even bitcoin has to face volatility.

Tether allows the user to make transfers more efficiently rather than to tackle the cryptocurrency. It allows a user to directly convert his other cryptocurrency in U.S. dollars and use it for his purpose. Moreover, it is fast and super easy to use and manipulate.

Tether was launched in 2014. It is described as the open blockchain network which allows the user to use fiat currency in the digital world. According to the Stats of 2021, the tether is the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It has a worth value of $68.3 billion in market capitalization and $1 as per token value. Tether gives people ease from the complexity of digital currency and introduces them to the market flat currency.


9. Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) was launched on April 214. It is secure in use, un-trackable, and private currency. From its launching to till now, Monero has gained good enthusiasm and reputation among the user.

It is created on the theme and working of “ring structures’. It is a donation and community-based open network cryptocurrency. It was created when there was a lot of security and scalability issues were present. This cryptocurrency provides a more sophisticated solution to both problems and does all work by keeping the security at the utmost level.

If we do money exchange with Monero, a group of cryptographic signatures appears, and in which only one signature is valid. But these valid signatures are not isolated or appear separately. All signatures on the transaction appeared, but only one is correct, and with the presence of an actual signature, transactions have been made worldwide by keeping you secure.

Suppose it is beneficial, then at the same time it has some threats too. Criminals are using Monero to make transactions and money exchange worldwide.

According to the Stats of 2021, it has a worth value of $245 million in market capitalization. It has a per token value of $265.


10. Polygon

Polygon is the ethereal-linked cryptocurrency. This means that it overcomes many of the shortcomings of the ethereal cryptocurrency, like it is faster than ethereal, has an easy user interface, and many more.

It is such a blockchain system that connects you worldwide more effectively than Ethereum.

Polygon architecture is incredible and covers the major work of cryptocurrency trading. It involves four layers: Ethereum layer, polygonal network layer, security layer, and execution layer.

All these layers do work coherently and bring a secure and robust network for us. Polygon releases a MATIC token used for gas cost, governance, stacking, etc., but it always remains in the center. It provides you with complete command and support in your polygon networking.

Polygon gains a lot of fame throughout its lifetime. Polygon is the most recent project to solve the scalability and compatibility problems of the cryptocurrency world. It is a multi-chain system as well as a protocol. It covers up many drawbacks of other cryptocurrencies and is also on the way to beating them like Polkadot and many more.

This system uses the side chain to unclog the problems and gives a simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective interface. Moreover, anyone can contact worldwide as part of the polygon system. In short, it provides you with worldwide communication, etc.



Wrapping up message

There are some primary cryptocurrencies, but you can choose one which suits you the best. So the whole decision is on you through which you want to do your trading. Good luck.


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