I learnt blogging from a youtube channel ‘SATISH K VIDEOS’. I started blogging in 2020. First I started with but as I don’t know much about Plagiarism and SEO, My website is not getting any traffic and I thought to transfer this website to WordPress. Then due to low security, my website got hacked and soon I lost all the data on my website. Then again, with all the knowledge and passion to be a successful blogger, I started this website P-SEOBUSINESS and now if you are reading this, I think, I’ve made a successful website.


P-SEOBUSINESS is a free Online Marketing & Cryptocurrency information website. P-SEOBUSINESS was founded in September 2021 by Prateek Shrivastav. The main goal of this website is to provide quality tips, information, and tools that allow anyone to work online and get proper in-depth knowledge of the online business.