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Carmelo Anthony Announces His NBA Retirement

Carmelo Anthony, NBA superstar known for his impressive career, has officially announced his retirement from professional basketball. With a remarkable 19 seasons in the NBA, Anthony established himself as a 10-time All-Star and a six-time All-NBA selection.

Carmelo Anthony

His journey began in 2003 when he was chosen as the Number 3 pick in the NBA Draft, and he last played in the league as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Carmelo Anthony‘s retirement comes as he holds the prestigious title of being the ninth-highest scorer in NBA history. Only a few players such as LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, Wilt Chamberlain, and Shaquille O’Neal have scored more points than Anthony, who concludes his career with an impressive total of 28,289 points.

In a heartfelt video message, Carmelo Anthony reflected on his journey, saying, “I remember the days when I had nothing, just a ball on the court and a dream of something more. But basketball was my outlet. My purpose was strong, my communities, the cities I represented with pride, and the fans that supported me along the way. I am forever grateful for those people and places because they made me Carmelo Anthony.”

While bidding farewell to the NBA, Anthony expressed excitement about what the future holds for him. Throughout his career, Anthony’s legacy has been solidified. He was honored as one of the 75 greatest players in NBA history, achieved 10 All-Star selections, won the scoring title, and earned six All-NBA selections. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver praised Anthony, calling him one of the league’s all-time great players and ambassadors.

Following the announcement, past and present NBA players, including Anthony’s former teammates, took to social media to congratulate him on his retirement.

Although he never reached the NBA Finals, with only one appearance in the conference finals during his time with the Denver Nuggets against the eventual-champion Los Angeles Lakers in 2009, Anthony experienced success on other stages.

He showcased his talent in college when he led Syracuse to the national championship as the Most Outstanding Player of the 2003 Final Four. Additionally, Anthony played a crucial role in USA Basketball’s gold medal victories at the Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. His dedication to the national team earned him the distinction of playing in the most Olympic games of any U.S. men’s player, with 31 appearances.

While retiring from professional basketball, Anthony will continue to contribute to international basketball as an ambassador for the Basketball World Cup, FIBA’s premier event. Looking back at his illustrious career, Anthony expressed gratitude for his humble beginnings and the impact basketball had on his life. He acknowledged the importance of his communities, the cities he represented, and the loyal fans who supported him along the way.

Anthony’s journey in the NBA began when he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets as the third overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, alongside basketball icons like LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. He made his mark with the Nuggets, becoming the franchise’s fourth all-time leading scorer while excelling in various statistical categories. In 2011, he was traded to the New York Knicks, where he spent over six seasons and developed a special bond with the city and its iconic Madison Square Garden.

Despite subsequent stops in Oklahoma, Houston, and Chicago, Anthony’s passion for the game persisted. In 2019, he found a new home with the Portland Trail Blazers, rejuvenating his career and making a positive impact on the team both on and off the court. Following a successful season with the Trail Blazers, Anthony joined the star-studded Los Angeles Lakers in 2021, alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Despite high expectations, the Lakers fell short of their goals and missed the playoffs.

In his retirement address, Anthony expressed his excitement for witnessing the growth of his son, Kiyan, a highly regarded high school shooting guard. He emphasized that his legacy extends beyond basketball and that his son will carry on his torch.

As Anthony bids farewell to professional basketball, his name will undoubtedly be mentioned among the greats. He will soon join his fellow draft class members LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade as they are enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Carmelo Anthony’s impact on the sport and his enduring legacy will be remembered by fans and fellow players alike. His remarkable journey, from a young boy with a dream to a basketball icon, serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world.

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