Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Release Date, Specs, and Everything You Need To Know

Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 03:00 am

We’ve been eager to see what Microsoft’s next hybrid laptop would look like since the arrival of the Surface Pro 8 and numerous key updates.

Even though the Surface Pro 8 was just released last year, the Surface Pro 9 might be here in a matter of months if Microsoft keeps to its usual upgrade cycle.

Looking back at the Surface Pro 8, it addressed a few design faults and included new features like a Thunderbolt connection and a 120Hz refresh rate, as well as being one of the first devices to ship with Windows 11 out of the box.

So, given all of this, can the Surface Pro 9 be considered one of Microsoft’s finest two-in-one devices? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Surface Pro 9.

Surface Pro 2022: Favourite

The Surface line of devices has been around for ten years, and Microsoft recently celebrated this milestone.

The Surface Pro received the highest rating among other Surface Devices, surpassing the Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and every other piece of hardware from the Surface family.

The least preferred products were the Surface Laptop SE, Surface Hub, and Surface RT.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date | Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Launch Date

The most awaited Surface event by Microsoft will hold next month on 12 October 2022.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Event

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date might be 12 October because Microsoft may introduce the new SURFACE PRO 9.

We shall go through the dates on which the previous versions of Microsoft Surface Pro  were released:

  • Surface Pro 8 – October 2021
  • Surface Pro 7+ (for business and education) – January 2021
  • Surface Pro 7 – October 2019
  • Surface Pro 6 – October 2018
  • Surface Pro 5 – June 2017

Surface Pro 9 is Equipped With 4G/5G And Snapdragon

A new “portable computing device” with 4G and 5G capabilities, which is most likely the Surface Pro 9 on Snapdragon, is validated by new documents from Microsoft obtained through the FCC.

The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, of the United States, certifies items for consumers. The product has received government of United States approval for its electromagnetic interference and other attributes.

The Surface Pro 9 may have Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, and a built-in 5G connection. The listing’s stated reference of “multi-band 5G NR, 802.11b/g/n/ax WLAN” confirms that the company’s upcoming hardware will support 5G technology.

Latest Surface Pro 9 Price | New Surface Pro 2022

Image Credit- Microsoft Surface

Because Microsoft has been tight-lipped regarding the forthcoming hybrid laptop, we can only speculate on the price for this year.

The Surface Pro 8 was released at a price of £999/$999.99(Approx.), whereas the

Surface Pro 7 was priced at £799/$749 (Approx.)

Surface Pro 7+ was priced at £909/$899.99(Approx.)

Surface Pro 6 was priced at £879/$899(Approx.)

Surface Pro 5 was priced at £799/$799(Approx.)

Remember that neither model comes with the Type Cover keyboard, which costs £149.99/$129.99(Approx.) extra.

As you can see, the price of the Surface Pro has gone up and down in recent years. The price rise for the Pro 8 includes some major improvements, but the surface pro 9 is unlikely to be significantly less expensive.

If Microsoft keeps to the same formula, we may anticipate the pricing to be similar to last year’s, if not somewhat higher, due to overall rises in consumer electronics prices affecting the industry as a whole.

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Surface Pro 2022 Specifications and Features | Surface Pro Rumors


We can only go on rumor and supposition because Mircosoft has yet to announce anything.

With ARM and Intel versions, Microsoft is planning to launch a next-generation Surface Pro device. According to the reports Microsoft is going to include both industry giants AMD and Intel in the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

Surface Pro Microsoft Laptop

We’d expect to see at least the exact specifications as the Surface Pro 8, which features Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and USB-C charging. Thunderbolt 4 is important for next-generation devices since it allows users to connect up to two 4K monitors at once and transport data at up to 40Gbps.

This implies that data transfer speeds will be substantially quicker when using compatible technology, which is great news for creators who need to move 4K video material across devices.

The Pro 8 has a 13-inch display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which will most likely remain the same. The adjustable refresh rate ensures that the laptop runs smoothly even when under high demand, without draining the battery.

Product TypeConvertible Laptop
Model NoSurface Pro 9 (2022)
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64-bit Upgrade to Windows 11
Processor & Chipset12th Generation
Intel Core i7-12700k
8-Core, 16-Threads
(3.5 GHz base frequency, up to 5.8 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 12 MB L3 cache)
Solid State Drive (SSD)512 GB PCIe SSD
KeyboardSurface Pro Signature Keyboard
Surface Pro X Keyboard
Pointing Device TypeTouchpad with Multi-Touch Gestures Support
Color OptionsGraphite, Platinum
Memory Card ReaderMicroSDXC Card Reader
Security FeaturesFirmware TPM chip for enterprise-grade security and BitLocker support
Enterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello face sign-in
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Body MaterialCasing: Signature Anodized Aluminum
Physical ButtonsVolume, Power

On Microsoft Surface Official YouTube Channel a video explaining the new ‘Right to Repair’ guidelines was just released. While it focuses on the Surface Laptop SE, this regulation might be extended to other Surface models in the future.

Surface Laptop SE Repair Video

AMD has also officially debuted the Ryzen 6000 Series, their next generation of laptop CPUs announced at CES 2022. Every year, AMD laptop processors become more widespread. I personally use AMD-powered devices from big companies like Dell and Lenovo, so it’s not out of the question that Microsoft may try to incorporate the newest technology into its upcoming laptops.

More Ports And Connectivity Would Be a Plus

Somehow Similar To Surface-Pro-8

If the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9, allows you to attach external hard drives, screens, keyboards, headphones, webcams, and GPUs. While Bluetooth allows you to connect devices such as a mouse or game controller, somehow connecting via Bluetooth makes your system a little bit slow. I personally experience that, That’s why more ports or connectivity options on the Surface Pro 9 would be nice.

But, this is one of the things I’m least excited about. Having more ports on the Surface Pro 9 will allow users to use it to its full potential or make the laptop more usable in different ways.

Surface Pro 9: 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake P-Series Processor

 The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will be powered by Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake CPU. Alder Lake devices, like Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, rely on a hybrid design of high-performance and high-efficiency CPU cores on a single chip. The Surface Pro 9 would be a powerhouse with a 12th Gen Intel CPU.

Intel-12th-gen Alder-Lake
Intel-12th-gen Alder-Lake

It would also make sense to see models with Intel’s Alder Lake P-Series CPUs, as the 12th-gen processors should improve the hybrid’s performance over its predecessor, based on the other devices with the chips.

 The surface Pro family has generally used Intel’s U series processors with a 15W TDP(Thermal Design Power), while the P series nearly doubles that to 28W TDP.

Intel is also working on new Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs for laptops, with a release date of 30 March, so we may see the company’s latest graphics cards in the upcoming Surface Pro, though nothing has been announced regarding the specs as of yet.

I can’t say anything official about the Surface Pro 9 because there isn’t much Sureshot information yet, but I’ll make sure to update this page whenever Microsoft confirms facts like pricing, release date, and specs.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Signature Keyboard and Pen


The Slim Pen 2 and Signature Keyboard proved to be invaluable tools, but the touch controls and virtual keyboard performed admirably. These advantages compare favorably to a good pen and keyboard. Both peripherals must be included with the Surface Pro 9.

While I appreciate Microsoft’s intention to offer these two accessories separately, personally I don’t like the idea of selling accessories separately. I believe the Slim Pen and Signature keyboard should come included with the Surface Pro 9. This would not only save users money and time, but it would also make it easier for users to get started with their new Surface Pro 9 straight away and users will get to know all the features available in the new gadget.

Surface Pro 8 News

On September 22, 2021, Microsoft released the Surface Pro 8 tablet. The tablet has a 13.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2880×1920 pixels. The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is powered by a quad-core Intel Core i5-1135G7 CPU from the 11th generation. It includes 8GB of RAM

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Full Specifications

As you’ve read above about Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Below are the specifications of Microsoft Surface Pro 8, which will make it easier for you to make the final decision of purchasing.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has a 10-megapixel camera on the back. It has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies.

Starting price $2,199(Approx.)
Type Cover keyboard$129(Approx.) extra
CPU Intel i5-1135G7 | Intel i7-1185G7
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe Graphics
Display13-inch screen (2880 x 1920)
Memory8GB | 16GB | 32GB (LPDDR4x RAM)
Storage512GB | 1TB (128GB or 256GB removable SSD options)
Ports2 Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, headphone jack, external GPU, and HDD support
Size11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37 inches
Weight1.96 pounds
Specifications Of Microsoft Surface Pro 8

If you have any questions, please comment down below, I’ll be much happier to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Is Surface Pro Worth The Money?

    The Surface Pro is really simply a fine, though costly, tablet. It’s also a nice keyboard for the price. Despite its small size, the Type Cover provides a surprisingly pleasant typing experience with sufficient key travel. Backlighting is also available, with different brightness settings to choose from.

  2. When Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Launch?

    Microsoft has not announced any release dates, but based on prior Surface Pro updates, the next announcement is expected to arrive around October 2022, since it appears to be the company’s normal release schedule.

  3. What Is The Latest Surface Pro 9 Price?

    Microsoft has been really tight on the next hybrid laptop, so we can only guess its pricing for this year.
    The Surface Pro 8 was released at a price of £999/$1,052(Approx.), whereas the Surface Pro 7 was priced at £909/$899.99 (Approx.). Remember that neither model comes with the Type Cover keyboard, which costs £149.99/$129.99(Approx.) extra.

  4. Is there a new Surface Pro coming out in 2022?

    As Microsoft has not released any official announcement but the New Surface Pro is expected to come out in October 2022.

  5. Are Surface Pro’s Worth The Money?

    It totally depends on the user and the type of work it is being used for. As far as specs are considered, it has a nice keyboard with good key travel with a Type Cover, and a backlighting keyboard with different levels. Surface Pro is good but expensive.

  6. What is the most recent Surface Pro model?

    Surface Pro 8 is the most recent Surface Pro series model in the market. However, Microsoft may announce the next Surface Pro model in October 2022.

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