15-Inch MacBook Air Debut [2023]


●Rumored 15-inch MacBook Air
● Two Thunderbolt 4 ports
● MagSafe charging
● Q2 2023
● M2 MacBook Air announced at WWDC 2022

MacBook Air: Screen Size

The possibility of a 15-inch MacBook Air has sparked speculation and excitement among Apple fans. While these rumors remain unconfirmed, many believe that a larger MacBook Air would be the perfect combination of size, processing power, and value.

MacBook Air is already the most popular laptop in Apple’s lineup, a 15-inch MacBook Air would undoubtedly be a highly searched-after device. Its larger display would provide users with more screen size for productivity and entertainment, while still maintaining the slim and lightweight design that has made the MacBook Air so beloved.

If these rumors are true, the 15-inch MacBook Air could potentially be a great choice for a wide range of users, from students to professionals. Its blend of performance, portability, and affordability would make it an excellent value proposition in the highly competitive laptop market.

While we can only assume at this point, one thing is certain: if Apple releases a 15-inch MacBook Air, it would be a game-changer in the world of laptops.

Many speculate that it will join Apple’s current lineup of laptops. If the rumors are true, the device will fill the gap between the 13.6-inch MacBook Air and the 16-inch MacBook Pro, offering consumers a middle option.

One of the most exciting features of the 15-inch MacBook Air is its expected 15.5-inch display, which is similar in size to the now-discontinued 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. This larger display will provide users with more screen size, making it easier to multitask, edit photos, and enjoy media content.

But perhaps the most significant advantage of the 15-inch MacBook Air will be its affordability compared to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. It will offer a larger display without the hefty price tag, making it a more accessible option for those who want a bigger screen but cannot afford the premium MacBook Pro.

If you’re looking for a lightweight MacBook, the 13.6-inch M2 MacBook Air is your best bet. Weighing in at just 2.7 pounds, it’s easy to carry around and perfect for people who travel.

But, there’s a catch. The smaller screen may not be enough for everyone. If you’re using professional apps or need to multitask with multiple app windows, the 13.6-inch display may not provide enough screen real estate.

In contrast, the 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a larger screen that’s better for professional work and multitasking, but it’s also heavier. So, it’s important to consider your specific needs before deciding which MacBook to purchase.

The 13.6-inch M2 MacBook Air is an excellent choice for those who prioritize portability, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro is better suited for those who need a larger display for professional work or multitasking.

MacBook Air: Display

Mini-LED backlighting is a technology that provides more uniform lighting by using more dimming zones and light sources compared to traditional LED backlights. It’s not as efficient as OLED, but it’s still better than regular LED.

Pro-motion is a feature that enables a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz for smooth animations and scrolling. However, it’s unlikely to be included in Apple’s budget laptop due to its high cost.

Rumors suggest that the new MacBook Air will have a 15.5-inch display, which is slightly larger than the previously speculated 15.2-inch display.

According to a rumor in February, the new MacBook Air could be released in April 2023, indicating that mass production has already started.

15-inch MacBook Air: Performance


The M2 Pro chip in the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air is expected to be faster than the M2 chip found in the 13-inch MacBook Air. It’s anticipated to be 20% faster in the central processing unit (CPU) and 30% faster in the graphics processing unit (GPU). This means that people who work with demanding programs that require a lot of processing power, such as video editing, may find the M2 Pro chip more helpful.

 A recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that Apple “wants to put its Mac-grade processors on an annual upgrade cycle like the A-series chips in the iPhone,”

Early reports suggest that the 15-inch MacBook Air may come with an M2 standard configuration, with the M2 Pro chip available as an option. This would allow users to choose the level of processing power that best suits their needs and budget.

MacBook Air: Design


When Apple released the iMac in various colors, many people expected the upcoming MacBook Air to have a similar color range. However, the MacBook Air was only released in four muted color options, which confused some users. Additionally, rumors had suggested that the bezels around the display would be off-white, but they turned out to be black like the MacBook Pro.

It’s not clear why Apple made these design choices, but it’s possible that there were technical or logistical reasons behind them. Despite these design differences, the 15-inch MacBook Air is still expected to be a popular choice for users who want a high-performance, lightweight laptop.

Watch Apple Insider Video About New MacBook Air

Apple Insider

New MacBook Air: Release Date And Price

The rumored 15-inch MacBook Air price is expected to be higher than the existing model. Even though the base price could be as high as $1,399.

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