A Walmart shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia, killed 6 people.

In the most recent mass shooting that occurred in the US, this one taking place just before Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday, 6 people were killed when a shooter opened fire at a Walmart store in southern Virginia late on Tuesday night. Police claim that the shooter committed suicide.

Image Credit: The Guardian

When an unknown gunman started firing at14 employees who were gathered in a meeting room at the start of their shift in the store, which is located in the city of Chesapeake, according to a witness, Jessie Wilczewski, who spoke to a local TV station, WAVY.

According to Wilczewski, who was only in her fifth day of employment at the store, Gunman was a manager who shot from left to right while frequently laughing at other managers.

Wilczewski described the “pow, pow, pow” of the gun as it went off, saying “it didn’t even seem real.”

Another Walmart employee, Briana Tyler, told ABC that the gathering of employees was usual before shifts.

When Tyler looked up, Tyler’s manager had just unlocked the door and started firing. She added that although “several people” fell to the ground, the shooter “didn’t say a word, he didn’t say anything at all.”

At the meeting on Wednesday, City Manager Chris Price stated, “You hope a day like this never comes, but we train for it, we practice, we talk about it, and we learn things.” You hope that you won’t ever need to apply those teachings.

The first 911 call came in at 10:12 p.m., according to Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky, and the first officers arrived two minutes later. A handgun was found at the scene, and the attacker died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Solesky.

City officials said on social media that the gunman, two victims, and their bodies were discovered in the store’s break room. Three other victims were taken to nearby hospitals but passed away from their wounds, and one body was discovered near the entrance of the store.

Walmart said: “We are shocked at this tragic event at our Chesapeake, Virginia, store. We’re praying for those impacted, the community, and our associates. We’re working closely with law enforcement, and we are focused on supporting our associates.”

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