How To Use Grammerly For Google Docs

1.  Grammarly is a free tool that helps you make sure your emails, social media posts, and documents are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.

2.  To get started, you first need to install the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome. You'll find it in the Chrome Store. Once you do, click Add to Chrome.

3.  You may be prompted to add the extension. Click Add extension and then give it a few minutes to load.

4.  When it's finished, the button you clicked to add it will change to Remove extension. You can close out of the Chrome Web Store.

5.  Once you've installed the extension, then you can start using Grammarly for Google Docs.

6.  After installing the Grammarly extension, a popup message appears in the lower right corner of the page which indicates Grammarly is in beta testing for Google Docs. Click TURN IT ON to enable the extension.

7.  The message box in the lower right corner has the option to TAKE A QUICK TOUR or you can skip it if you click NO THANKS.

8.  Each of the errors Grammarly catches (and which are indicated by the number in the red circle) is underlined in red in the text of your document.

9.  If you click the word that's underlined in red, the Grammarly-suggested changes will appear in a pop-up box. You can either click the suggestion to accept it, or click Ignore

10. With each suggestion you correct, the number of errors in the red circle in the bottom right corner of the page will decrease and turn green.