1. Offer a valuable incentive

Free trials, tools, and demos are proven lead magnets to incentivize signups if you're a SaaS company.

If you're an ecommerce brand, you're looking at discount offers, free shipping, or quiz experiences to attract signups.

2. Choose a lead source

Organic social is one of the main ways to drive new email signups.

Link to your lead gen asset in the bio section of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platforms you're active on.

3. Set up email capture forms

The lead gen asset is the carrot. Once someone bites, you need a way to grab their email.

Email signup form pops up on the website page after someone visits. The timing of when it pops up might be based on the amount of time users spend on your page or some behavioral trigger.

Add social proof

When a lead sees other people—people like them—leaving glowing testimonials for your product, there’s a higher chance they’ll convert.

Change your call to action (CTA)

Write CTA copy that is value-driven. People are more likely to enter their email and click the call to action button if it provides value.

Tweak your CTA copy to sound like a friendly invitation, not a cold instruction.