How To Be Found On Google

1. High Quality Content

Your website must have information that’s useful to any particular person

2. Help Search Engines Find Your Site

Google Bots create an index which contains, essentially, all the pages they’ve found and the words that are contained on them.

3. Linking From Other Websites

A couple of links will help the search engines find your sites, but lots of links will show them that your site is an important resource for particular topics.

4. Find The Keywords You Want To Rank For

Identifying the keywords that people are likely to use, and for which you’d like to be found.

5. Place Keywords At Right Place

Adding keywords in just the title and description metadata can provide substantial results

6. Follow Basic Website Structure Guidelines 

Google Bots don’t read in the same way that a human would, so it’s important to follow some basic site-structure guidelines

7. Keep Your Content Updated

Try to add new stories, reports, news releases, and the like so that search engines feel that your site is frequently updated

8. Google Grants

Google gives away free search-engine advertising (the links listed as “Sponsored Links” down the right side of the search results page) through its Google Grant Program

9. Patience Is The Key

Don’t give up hope — keep including keywords in new content

10. Use Google Search Console

Search Console lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.