Man Spent $14000 on Fake Ab Surgery

New York City hair stylist shared his experience getting "abdominal etching" surgery, a hot new cosmetic trend among men.

The stylist said he worked out and ate clean, but could never get defined abs.

The surgery gave him the look he wanted, but the recovery process was painful.

In 2019, Tang, a New York City-based hair stylist underwent "fake ab" surgery, officially referred to as abdominal etching surgery

The entire procedure took less than two hours, though Tang was asleep for it.

Tang woke up in his hotel room in "extreme pain." He said his abs felt "tight" and he could barely walk.

The pain and discomfort were so bad it took 10 minutes just to get up from lying down

The pain got better day-by-day and eventually subsided four days after the surgery.

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