Top 10 Tips for SEO Copywriting Success


Start by targeting specific keywords that are relevant to your niche and have low competition.

Find the Right Keywords


It gives users additional questions related to their search. And quick answers to them.

Find Questions People Ask


Finding a keyword’s search intent means identifying the purpose of someone’s search.

Identify and Satisfy Search Intent


Start by identifying keywords your competitors are ranking for but you aren’t.

Check Competitors’ Articles for Your Target Keywords


A linkable asset is a piece of content that tends to naturally earn backlinks.

Create Linkable Assets


Optimizing for these on-page SEO elements can improve your organic click-through rate (CTR) and user experience.

Optimize Headers, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions


Good structure guides readers (and search engines) through your content as smoothly as possible.

Create Organized, Easy-to-Read Content


The use of visual elements can increase a reader’s time on page and trigger them to share on social media.

Include Visuals


Use CTAs to show your users what they may be looking for next. You can use simple links, buttons, images, and more.

Include CTAs (Calls-to-Action)


Adding a table of contents shows the reader exactly what they’ll find on a page.

Use a Table of Contents