Top 10 SEO Metrics  You  Should Be Monitoring Regularly


Total Clicks

This report shows you exactly how many people clicked on your site in Google’s organic results.


Core Web Vitals

This report breaks down your site’s user experience based largely on pagespeed and performance.


Referring Domains

Referring domains are the number of different sites that link to you. Not the number of total backlinks.


Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is another way of measuring how much traffic you get from Google organic.


User Experience Metrics

Page loading speed is important. And you definitely don’t want slow site performance to impact your UX.


Traffic Cost

SEO traffic cost is an estimate of how much you’d pay in Google Ads for the traffic that you’re getting from Google organic.


Indexed Pages

Make sure that the number of indexed pages is in-line with the number of pages that you WANT indexed.


Average CTR

Average CTR is the percentage of people that see your site in Google. And ultimately click on your site.


Keyword Rankings

Organic keywords report automatically tracks all of the keywords that your site ranks for. And where you rank.


Coverage Errors

They can easily lead to problems that can pull down your entire site’s rankings.