Affiliate Disclosure

P-SEOBUSINESS offers free tutorials, comparisons, reviews, and tools for readers on our website here.  In order to fund our research and maintain this website so that it remains free for everyone, we are funded by affiliate commission or referral fees.

How do affiliate commissions work? 

When people read our content, it is our goal to answer all of your questions thoroughly and help you make the right decision for your digital marketing needs.  If readers make their decision, the next step would be to head to the website host, website builder, or product they want, and get started expanding your digital marketing horizons.  With traceable links, companies are notified that their new customers were referred by P-SEOBUSINESS, and we are paid a fee at no extra cost to the end-user.  We view this as the fairest and free way to create and share our content with viewers all around the world.