The Rise and Fall of Minus Cal: A Shark Tank Journey

Choleve Ingredients: A Breakthrough in Fat Absorption Prevention

The Minus Cal protein bar is revolutionizing the health industry with its secret weapon against fat absorption—Choleve ingredients. This powerful dietary supplement offers a range of benefits, including reducing the amount of fat consumed. Let’s explore the wonders of Choleve and uncover the story behind this innovative protein bar.

The Power of Choleve: Nature’s Answer to Fat Absorption

Choleve is a unique blend of natural ingredients derived from fermented tea. This exceptional combination plays a vital role in the Minus Cal protein bar. The manufacturers guarantee a delightful and healthy experience with every bite.

Initially developed as a low-cholesterol solution, Choleve quickly gained recognition for its potential in weight reduction. Protein bar manufacturers capitalized on this remarkable ingredient, incorporating it into their products to aid in fat absorption prevention and promote weight loss.

The Rise and Fall of Minus Cal: A Shark Tank Journey


In 2017, Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael introduced the world to Minus Cal protein bars. Their primary objective was to create a product that would revolutionize the weight loss industry by preventing fat absorption and promoting healthy living.

With staggering statistics indicating that a significant portion of the American population struggled with weight issues, Jacques and Carmichael saw an opportunity to make a difference. In a bid to secure funding and expand their business, they appeared on the eleventh season of Shark Tank.

During their pitch, they showcased the product’s features and offered samples to the Sharks. However, confusion arose when they presented Minus Cal as a health bar rather than a weight reduction support. Robert questioned the credibility of their scientific claims, and Mark referred to the product as a “scam.”

Shark Tank US: Minus Cal Pitch

Unfortunately, the negative response from the Sharks had a detrimental impact on Minus Cal’s sales. The public heeded Mark’s advice, and the business ultimately failed.

The Aftermath: Minus Cal’s Demise

Minus Cal shark tank update

Company Name
 Minus Cal
FounderBarrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael
ProductSnacks Bar and Diet Tablets
Minus Cal Offer$500,000 for 20% Equity
Pitch Valuation$2,500,000
Final DealNo Deals
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S11 E1
Air DateSep 29, 2019
Business statusNot in business
Minus Cal Net Worth Now$0
HeadquartersGreater Nashville Area, Tennessee, United States

Mark’s criticism of Shark Tank left an indelible mark on Minus Cal’s reputation. As it turned out, the company’s Facebook profile had not been updated since November 2019, leading to further doubts and skepticism. Consequently, Minus Cal ceased operations in July 2020.

Barrett Jacques, the co-founder of Minus Cal, later left the company and pursued other ventures. Today, he holds the position of director of business development at MetaPhy Health. In 2022, Jacques resigned from his role, leaving Minus Cal in the past.

The Legacy of Minus Cal: A Lesson Learned

Although Minus Cal claimed a net worth of $2.5 million, the company’s true financial standing remains uncertain. The negative publicity generated by their appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent closure tarnished their reputation.

The health and diet industry has seen numerous attempts to deceive investors on platforms like Shark Tank, but these endeavors often meet with failure. Such scams prey on vulnerable consumers, promising quick fixes and unrealizable results.

As for Minus Cal, the doors of this once-promising business have been permanently closed since 2019. However, it serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us to be discerning and vigilant when navigating the world of health and wellness.

Is Minus Cal Still a Business?

No, Minus Cal is not in business right now. This company has been closed since 2019, and its creator has moved on to other projects.

The business had between two and five employees and was based out of the Greater Nashville region in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, Minus Cal has been permanently closed as of 2019.

Minus Cal: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

When did Minus Cal get on Shark Tank?

Minus Cal was founded by Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael, who appeared on Season 11 Episode 1 of the Shark Tank show to present their fat-blocking snack bars to the show’s investors.

Who got the idea for Minus Cal?

Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael founded and launched Minus Cal in 2017.

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