Semrush vs Ahrefs: Which is Better for You?

Last updated on January 6th, 2024 at 06:59 am

In the era of advancement, technology is improving drastically to help its users to the best. And when it comes to keyword research, several SEO tools are assisting people in getting their jobs done.

semrush v/s ahrefs

Well, in this article, the two trending SEO tools are taken into account, Semrush vs Ahrefs, the SEO match in 2023.
Furthermore, as a digital marketer, you have to know the importance of keywords, and for competing with competitors, the keyword is the actual game. Therefore, selecting the right SEO tool is an important step for gaining success in digital marketing and meeting other needs.

Semrush vs Ahrefs

While talking about Semrush vs Ahrefs, both SEO tools are popular throughout the digital world. In addition to Semrush vs Ahref’s popularity, the price and advantages of Ahrefs and Semrush, are parallel. But Ahrefs vs Semrush, are differentiated and compared based on several in-depth features.

The standard features for the comparison of Semrush vs Ahrefs

Keyword Research Including Analysis, Suggestions, and Tracking

  • Analysis of Backlinks
  • SEO ranking and analysis
  • Comparison domains
  • Optimization
  • Competitors spotting
  • Value and cost

Additionally, both Semrush and Ahrefs, are highly valuable SEO tools, with trial features to help you choose a better tool for your needs. However, Ahrefs is currently off their free trials and provides their plans for $7 only (Please check the prices on the official website).

Furthermore, in digital marketing, both Semrush and Ahrefs SEO tools are more valuable and efficient to meet digital marketing needs. But, if you are having a budget for buying only one SEO tool, this article will help you to make a better choice between Semrush v/s Ahrefs.

Now, let’s dive into more depth to know which SEO tool is winning the game in 2023.


A Quick Comparison Between Features of Semrush v/s Ahrefs

Keyword Research


  • The highlighted feature of Semrush is its keyword magic tool that provides an extensive list of keywords, which is around 20B.
  • The Semrush keyword magic tool uses the Google search engine to find more keywords, phrases, and exact matches.
  • The data for figuring out the right keyword include search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click, and trends.

As compared to Semrush,

  • The keyword research list is reduced, which is about 10B.
  • Ahrefs provide keywords from a broad range of search engine search as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, Yandex, Sezam, Baidu, and Daum & Naver.
  • The click data is based on potential metrics, therefore the keyboard that looks worthy will be clicked by the user.

Domain Analysis


  • The Semrush in, terms of domain analysis, is standing out as compared to Ahrefs.
  • The Semrush provides mobile SERP rankings and a comparison between keyword profiles for PLA keywords.
  • However, the number of domains for a parallel comparison between keyword profiles is up to 5.


  • The mobile SERP rankings and a side-by-side comparison between keyboard profiles for PLA keywords are absent in Ahrefs.
  • In contrast to Semrush, Ahrefs has more number domains for parallel comparison between keyword profiles, i.e., up to 10.

Competitor Analysis


  • Semrush is leading in the case of competitor analysis.
  • Semrush gets insight into the competitor’s traffic Through Traffic analytics.
  • Additionally, the Market Explorer provides a way to understand the targeted audience and their interest (niche).

Ahrefs do not have many features like Semrush that could help to analyze the competitor’s work.

Backlinks Analysis


  • The backlink audit tool and toxic links analysis with the “outreach” option, in Semrush, make depth analysis of toxic markers, scores, and backlinks.
  • Semrush also provides separate tools for link building and has integration with Google Analytics and GSC.


  • There is no separate tool for the analysis of toxic backlinks; however, Site Explorer may provide some options to find toxic backlinks.
  • There is no separate tool or option for outreach and it doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics and GSC.
  • The option to find removed links with accuracy and outgoing links is prominent in Ahrefs.

Content Analysis


  • Another prominent feature of Semrush is content analysis.
  • The SEO writing assistant, SEO checker, Content audit, post tracking, or brand monitoring, allows all-around assistance for content.


  • However, all the mentioned features or tools are absent in Ahrefs.
  • The only content-related tool is Content Explorer to find trending and popular content on any topic, which is lacking in Semrush.


Killer Features of Ahrefs

1. Broad Search Engine Keyword Research

In contrast to other SEO tools, Ahrefs wins the game in Searching Keywords. Ahrefs allows its user to research keywords for a broad range of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, Yandex (Russia), Sezam (Czech Republic), Daum & Naver (South Korea), and Baidu (China).

2. More Search Volumes with Clicks
The Ahrefs, Keywords Explorer, is the most efficient tool that provides even more search volumes with the number of clicks. So, you can track which keywords are having more search volume along with the estimated clicks. Ultimately, it will help you target a worthy keyword.

3. SERP Overview
The pages’ ranking does not depend upon only one keyword; instead, it depends on hundreds or thousands of keywords (longtail) usage. Through SERP Overview in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, you can track the monthly organic or average traffic on the top-ranked pages.

4. Top Subfolders
To track and understand which website structures or sections of the competitor site generate more traffic from any specific country, the Top Subfolder review in Site Explorer helps to spot competitors better. Plus, the Ahrefs provide reviewing traffic beyond the same state to global traffic.

5. Single Keyword Click Distribution
The averages of clicks, according to Conventional Wisdom, are that top-ranking results get 30% clicks, and the page gets 15%. However, these averages don’t stand to be accurate as each keyword has its own CTR curve. The Ahrefs Keywords Explorer shows traffic shared by different pages. Ahrefs also indicates the loss of clicks to paid ads, which leads to reduced traffic numbers.

6. Content Analysis
Analysis of a content gap is common to other SEO tools; however, Ahrefs is unique in doing content gap analysis at Subfolder or URL level. It is helpful to work on a blog content strategy, where you do not require to analyze the differences between your whole website and your competitor’s website, instead, your blogs are in subfolders.

7. Content Explorer
Another killer feature of Ahrefs that is uncommon from other SEO tools is Content Explorer. Content Explorer is used to search for link prospects in different ways. Around 1.1 billion web pages can be searchable through Content Explorer with additional add-ons, such as, word count, publish date, domain rating, referring domains, organic search traffic, updated date, and author.


Killer Features of Semrush

semrush v\s ahrefs

1. Accurate Data For Search Volume
If you want to build SEO and PPC campaigns, keyword search volume is crucial data. Choosing the wrong and erroneous data can waste your time effort and money. Therefore, Semrush regularly updates databases to provide you with the most appropriate and accurate data.

2. Broad Databases for Google
Semrush provides a large number of keywords for your keyword research to run your SEO and PPC campaigns. Using Semrush, you can also get more useful ideas for your campaigns. In Semrush’s keywords magic tool, the number of keywords has exceeded 20 billion, which is the only largest keyword database tool for Google.

3. Position Tracking Tool
If anyone is a permanent user of Semrush, he will be notified daily with data updates without any extra payment or charges. Semrush provides tracking functionalities to Semrush uses and makes the position-tracking tool more suitable for SEO. The position tracking tool shows volume data at the local level to all the users or subscribers, allowing them to use the data according to their requirements.

4. SEO Reporting
If you are working and making reports of yourself and your clients, team, and boss, you probably require a station to organize all the data that eventually help you track all KPIs you need. Semrush helps you to make PDF reports with visually appealing customs, including both white and branded labeled reports; also, like GA, GSC, and GMB.

5. Tool For Removing Toxic Links
You can make a detailed analysis of toxic makers, toxic backlinks, and toxic scores through Semrush using “outreach.”

6. Content Marketing
Semrush provides all-around assistance in content marketing such as SEO writing, on-page SEO checking, content audit, brand monitoring, post tracking, and SEO content template. You can meet your content writing needs through Semrush content optimization and creation tools.


Ending up the Semrush vs Ahrefs debate, now the choice is yours. The selection of any SEO tool depends upon user needs; if you are more in analyzing backlinks and building links, then your priority should be Ahrefs, whereas if you pay more value to content analysis, your choice should stand with Semrush.

According to my analysis, the winner of the Semrush vs Ahrefs debate is Semrush, with highlights features such as content analysis, more keyword search volume, competitor analysis, and many others.

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