Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Release Date

Microsoft has not announced any release dates, the next announcement is expected to arrive around October 2022.

Latest Surface Pro 9 Price

The Surface Pro 8 was released at a price of £999/$1,052(Approx.), whereas the Surface Pro 7 was priced at £909/$899.99 (Approx.).

 Specifications and Features

Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and USB-C charging. Thunderbolt 4 is important for next-generation devices since it allows users to connect up to two 4K monitors

The Pro 8 has a 13-inch display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which will most likely remain the same.

The adjustable refresh rate ensures that the laptop runs smoothly even when under high demand, without draining the battery.

More Ports And Connectivity Would Be Plus

Having more ports on the Surface Pro 9 will allow users to use it to its full potential or make the laptop more usable in different ways.

12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Processor

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will be powered by Intel's 12th generation Alder Lake CPU. Alder Lake devices, like Apple's new M1 Pro

And M1 Max chips, rely on a hybrid design of high-performance and high-efficiency CPU cores on a single chip. The Surface Pro 9 would be a powerhouse with a 12th Gen Intel CPU.

The company's latest graphics cards in the upcoming Surface Pro, though nothing has been announced regarding the specs as of yet.

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