Sendinblue vs GetResponse: Which Has Better Features?

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SendinBlue is an email marketing service for small and medium-sized businesses that demand to send automated computerized email marketing campaigns, even if you have a limited budget.

So, SendinBlue is a more economical choice than MailChimp, including a free version and free trial, but with even more functionality.

Trusted by over 180,000 businesses globally, Sendinblue is a comprehensive marketing platform for fascinating your contacts and developing more loyal customer relationships through targeted and significant discussion.

Incorporate your entire marketing system with Sendinblue’s comprehensive solution for marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, Facebook Ads, CRM, and communicating transactional information via email and SMS.

Sendinblue’s real magic comes from the manageable and versatile marketing automation program.

The Sendinblue Tracker script permits you to track the web behavior of your connections and use this information, along with email engagement and information from your connections, to build elaborate automation workflows that can keep your time safe and assist you to scale and develop your business with no work at all.

Sendinblue pricing is grounded on the number of email messages sent, rather than the total of contacts you keep in your account. Sendinblue proposes free accounts that enable you to transfer up to 300 emails per day 100% free

As your business expands, you can upgrade to a plan that matches your requirements without disrupting the bank. Send up to 120,000 emails per month for just $66 — or send even more emails at low prices.

If you are a large sender or have more precise demands?

Sendinblue has a solution for it also, it developed an Enterprise solution, a custom plan devised to satisfy your demands and scale with you.

Marketers want tools that can efficiently scale as they grow. Most marketing groups are created for large organizations and come with an enterprise-level price tag.

Whereas Sendinblue’s mission is to serve small and medium-sized businesses. And everything like features, care, and pricing is created for you in mind. When you need to start a mail campaign, send text messages, or save time with the Sendinblue automation technique, it can also assist you to do it efficiently, on resources, and in your own language.

Sendinblue supports cloud-based digital marketing tools to more than 175,000 growing companies everywhere in the globe.


How can Sendinblue help you?

SendinBlue is a useful and great email software for Small to Medium businesses. They have free plans and even paid plans, it is one of the most affordable email software you can find. It is easy to get started.

The email editor endures up to expectations, it is a joy to click a newsletter collectively. Automation isn’t as detailed as ActiveCampaign but is very efficient.
With all the features you demand, SendinBlue is good of your newsletters.


Sendinblue Features

Get secluded with your customers.
Keep your growing audience involved by always conveying the sound message at the right time, and in the right place.

⦁ Email Marketing
Get the word out and market more with smooth email messages that you can create in no time.

⦁ SMS Marketing
Write more instantly with clients for important messages or time-sensitive offers.

⦁ Chat
Be there for clients directly when they have a query while browsing your site.

Build more effective links by keeping track of all your connection details in one place.

⦁ Marketing Automation
Save time and boost performance by automating your segmentation and marketing campaigns.

⦁ Transactional Email
Step up the design, engagement ratio, and deliverability of your transactional Emails.

⦁ Segmentation
Get more client engagement by delivering your marketing messages to your targeted audience.

⦁ Landing Pages
Create a more precise visitor experience with devoted pages for each of your campaigns.

⦁ Signup Forms
Develop your email contact list with custom forms that you can combine with your website.

⦁ Open & Click-through Reports
Track your email review and learn what works with specific statistics for each campaign.

⦁ Email Heat Map
Visualize how contacts read and join with your emails to promote future campaign designs.

⦁ A/B Testing
Increase performance by examining two ideas in your email and making data choose the best one.

⦁ Real-time Statistics
Stay on top of performance as it appears and comprehends any problems as they happen.

⦁ Send Time Optimization
Show the exact time with just one click using our machine learning-powered sends time algorithm.

Integrate Sendinblue features into any tool or product, despite your technical setup.

⦁ Plugins
Get more from the tools you use by joining them with Sendinblue.


GetResponse is a broad-gauge marketing program, as well as email marketing that presents landing pages, a CRM, and high-level automation. GetResponse ranks them pretty well due to their advanced features. Their entry plan is inexpensive, and they offer a generous 50% discount to NGOs.

It also gives a free lifetime plan, which consists of autoresponders, and a landing page/website builder, with unlimited emails.

More than 350,000 users in 183 countries rely on GetResponse because it is one of the easiest email marketing platforms, now come-at-able in 27 diverse languages. GetResponse operates worldwide with offices in Poland, Malaysia, the U.S., Canada, and Russia plus more than 300 enthusiastic experts on board.

GetResponse has 15 years of experience, it is a top-notch quality online marketing solution that enables entrepreneurs to make their businesses grow.

GetResponse claims to be the easiest newsletter tool, having thousands of pro features. This is a big claim, notably as their prices are so competitive. The Polish-based company’s global range extends to 183 countries, asserting to fasten over 1 billion subscribers every month! That’s a lot of emails.

Feature-wise, they do claim a lot more than most other email marketing services. From custom landing pages to advanced automation and reporting features, you’ll be amazed to know there is not a single feature they don’t offer.


The landing pages are especially interesting as they are part of Conversion Funnel, a distinctive feature that manages lead generation, which can even help as an online store where you can settle payments. Another feature worth considering is automation.

You’re able to set out advanced automated campaigns such as sales or even location.

Other tools allow automation, but most are not as robust or user-friendly. You’ll also have lots of detailed templates to assist you to get started.

On higher-tier plans, you also get an approach to their webinar feature, as well as an inbuilt CRM – extras you don’t generally see in email marketing platforms. It was surely just to apprehend your interest. So let’s take a more extensive dip into this tool.

Email Marketing
⦁ Licensed and pro templates, easy design tools, and first-class output.
Website Builder

⦁ Boost your business online with an AI-driven, code-free website builder.

⦁ Easy set-up, and compelling results with the comprehensive marketing webinar software.

⦁ Marketing computerization
⦁ Bring your client campaign to life with automation flows that grow with you.

Features You Need To Run Your Online Campaigns
⦁ Email marketing
⦁ Website builder new
⦁ Marketing automation
⦁ Webinars
⦁ Paid ads
⦁ Landing pages
⦁ Conversion funnel
⦁ Live chat
⦁ Web push notifications
⦁ SMS marketing

Email Marketing
⦁ Send great-looking emails that employ and sell.
Email creator
⦁ It’s never been more straightforward to formulate pixel-perfect emails.
⦁ Welcome, follow-up, educate, and nurture – automatically.
Email analytics
⦁ Email analytics help you in tracking performance via key metrics and automated reports.
Transactional emails
⦁ Deliver order documentation, voucher, notifications, and more.
List management
⦁ Design and segment your contacts for precise targeting.
Website Builder
⦁ AI-driven, code-free website builder.

AI-Powered Creator
⦁ Get a custom website template designed based on your needs.
Predesigned templates

⦁ Find designer, mobile-friendly website templates you can customize to your desire.

Drag-and-drop editor
⦁ Strong, code-free creator to build and customize your websites.

Forms and popups
⦁ Optimize conversions of your website with built-in forms and popups.

Domain management
⦁ Publish websites under your domain or get a new one via GetResponse.

Marketing automation
⦁ Ready-made workflows to welcome, win back, upsell, and more.

Tags and Scores
⦁ Build custom sections based on your contacts’ style.
Automation flows

⦁ Save time with prebuilt workflow templates.
Abandoned cart emails

⦁ Recapture lost sales with automated emails.
Website visitor tracking

⦁ Send related communication based on page visits.
Product recommendations

⦁ Sell more with automated product suggestions.

⦁ Get in live touch with your audience – anytime, anywhere.
Screen sharing

⦁ Explain processes and show products in action.
Call-to-action button

⦁ Advertise your products and special deals during webinars.
On-demand webinars

⦁ Set your webinar recording into evergreen, on-demand content.

⦁ Cooperate live and brainstorm ideas with your viewers.
Polls and surveys

⦁ Gather worthy data and collect feedback from your audience.
Paid ads

⦁ Built-in tools to run and maintain your paid campaigns.

Facebook Ads
⦁ Set up, run, and control your Facebook and Instagram ads.
Google ads

⦁ Find new clients with easy-to-create search ads.
Facebook Pixel

⦁ One-click combination for powerful retargeting campaigns.
Social ads creator

⦁ Create animated social media videos and banners.
Landing pages

⦁ Tools to create SEO-optimized and revenue-generating pages.

Facebook Pixel
⦁ One-click combination to run powerful retargeting campaigns.
Signup forms

⦁ Create new leads and develop your email list.

⦁ Boost conversions with customizable popup forms.
Countdown timer

⦁ Share time-sensitive sales and exclusive offers.
E-commerce tools

⦁ Develop products and increase revenue with shippable pages.
Conversion funnel

⦁ Prebuilt funnels created for particular, automated campaigns.

Sales funnel
⦁ Funnels to sell products and services online.
Lead magnet funnel

⦁ Funnels are available to develop your list using lead magnets.
List building funnel

⦁ Get more signups and nourish your growing email list.
Webinar funnel

⦁ Grow your following and monetize your expertise.
E-commerce tools

⦁ Everything you want to sell online.
Live chat

⦁ A live chat solution to communicate with your audience online.
Customization tools

⦁ Specific your chat window and page with your branding and color plan.
Chat availability

⦁ Simply set up your chat availability & status for your customers.
Visitor capture form

⦁ Ask chat visitors for their connection information and follow up with them later.
Chats notifications

⦁ Get suggestions about incoming chats on your browser or mobile device.
Chats analytics

⦁ Make enhancements based on chat performance and histories.
Web push notifications

⦁ A web push notifications tool to get more people back to your website.

Custom prompts
⦁ Develop web push conversions with custom opt-in prompts.
Unlimited notifications

⦁ Share information to fasten your push subscribers with relevant news and updates.
Web push analytics

⦁ Optimize your web push approach based on responses, delivery, and click-through rates.
Automated notifications

⦁ Trigger information based on specific user behavior on your website or emails.
SMS marketing

⦁ Trigger-based SMS Marketing automation.

SMS editor
⦁ Customize your content and sender name, and add eye-catching emojis.
URL Shortened

⦁ Save characters and send clear messages.
SMS Reports

⦁ Measure campaign results and monitor costs.


Main Difference Between Sendinblue v/s GetResponse

sendinblue vs getresponse

SendinBlue and GetResponse are quite identical, but some well-known distinctions make one tool more beneficial than the other.

The core differences are as follows:

GetResponse was begun in 1998,
SendinBlue was begun in 2012.

SendinBlue has new SMS Marketing features, whereas.
GetResponse has a webinar marketing feature.

GetResponse gives a 30-day free trial after 30-days it has a monthly plan,
SendinBlue offers an endless free package, and you can pay as you use it.

SendinBlue is working on the SMTP model, while
GetResponse has its autoresponder and sales funnel.

Well, SendinBlue is not simply a basic mail marketing tool. Other than email marketing it has SMS marketing, CRM, social media advertisement, and landing page options as well. On the other hand, GetResponse has email marketing associated with webinars, landing pages, CRM, Sales Funnels, and a lot of other features.

Let’s compare both of them.
While both programs have engaging starting prices, GetResponse quickly becomes more valuable. This is because their pricing grows as you get more contacts.

At the same time, Sendinblue offers free unlimited contacts with all plans and charges you based on the number of emails you have sent. In the cheapest plan, you don’t have to pay extra until you pass 10,000 email sends per month.
Sendinblue and GetResponse offer lifetime free plans as well.


When choosing between Sendinblue and GetResponse, I usually choose Sendinblue because it is more user-friendly and affordable. If you want to use webinar marketing or require highly specialized data analytics, GetResponse is definitely the better choice here.

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