SEMrush Review- How To Increase Organic Traffic Easily

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SEMrush is a content management and online visibility tool mainly used for SEO. In this SEMrush Review, I checked the main components of SEMrush and its applications. Since the start of networking and the internet, search engines have played an indispensable role in the growth of online marketing and advertising. Search engine Google grew fast because the concept was new and brought value to internet search. Slowly other startups entered the online content marketing and advertising field. One such name is SEMRUSH.

Semrush And The War In Ukraine

Semrush is technically a US-Based Company. At P-SEOBUSINESS When it comes to product reviews, I am dedicated to being completely honest, upfront, and ethical. I strongly oppose the war. So I needed clarification on this subject as well – for both myself and the readers. I am pleased to note that Semrush has publicly stated its strong opposition to the invasion (which I believe is a brave thing for a Russian-founded organization to do) — and I am still comfortable featuring Semrush on my site, as I believe the company is ultimately an international organization that has taken the most ethical approach possible in this situation.

Let’s Continue

What is SEMrush?

Semrush review is not complete without knowing about its start, vision, and achievements. Semrush started its journey in 2008 with SEO professionals who wanted to tackle the issues of online marketing. For many years Semrush has been the first choice of many experts globally. Even beginners in online marketing and SEO find this Saas tool to be helpful.

Is SEMrush The Best SEO Tool?

Any SEO professional or business owner who wants to increase their online presence and visibility across search engines can use Semrush.

Whether you are running a small website or business or e-commerce store or in the advanced stage of online or social media marketing, you need Semrush to get an edge over your competitors.

Here I have written a detailed Semrush review including every aspect of Semrush. Hope you got everything that you’re looking for.

I must tell you, SEMrush is a must-have tool for Bloggers, Digital Marketers, or any other online business.

Let’s get started!▶

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  • Starting with the SEMrush Dashboard

    Let’s start the detailed Semrush review with the Dashboard. The first step is clicking the “Create Project” button and entering any domain name.

    Semrush Dashboard

    Domain Analysis

    Domain Analysis is displayed once the domain gets added to the projects. Domain Analysis gives the user a glimpse into the six basic parameters of the domain. These parameters are

    • Authority Score:- Authority score varies from 0 to 100. This matrix tells about the overall strength and quality of SEO of any website.
    • Organic Traffic:- Displays the number of unique users per month. Every content creation or online marketing project focuses on one thing; increasing the number of visitors. Organic traffic is the number one parameter for online visibility. Therefore Semrush has made it available in the free version as well.
    • Organic Keywords:- Number of keywords a particular domain is ranking for in the search engines. These keywords can be on the first page of the search engines or last. All the keywords indexed by search engines are present in this parameter.
    • Paid Keywords:- Keywords that any website lists for paid traffic in Google Ads and other platforms.
    • Ref. Domains:- This off-page SEO parameter displays the number of domains pointing towards a domain name or URL. A single domain or URL can have multiple do-follow and no-follow links.
    13053 111115213053?subId1=inside%2520article%2520pseobusiness

    Position Tracking

    After domain analysis and insights into the basic parameters of the domain, we can move towards extracting the data with some customization and setups. Click on the setup button present below Position Tracking and start to enter the details. The campaign windows will open that look like this.

    Semrush Position Tracking

    Select the search engine and location, and then click on the keywords. In the sandbox, enter the keywords, and enter the tags relevant to these keywords. Then add these keywords to the project. You can choose to get the weekly updates through the system that generates emails. Select the options and click the “start tracking” option.

    Semrush Tracking Option

    Now Semrush will get to work and start collecting the data from the selected search engine. Position tracking will then display the visibility of each keyword and its respective positions in the online search results.

    Position tracking is a handy asset for running your marketing campaign. You can monitor the progress of your campaign every week by receiving emails from the Semrush automated system.

    Semrush Position Tracking

    Till now, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to using the Semrush to its full potential.

    Site Audit

    Site audit lets you check more than 130 parameters like HTTPS, internal linking and crawl-ability, etc. Just click on-site audit and select the number of pages you want to crawl.

    Note:- You can only crawl up to 20,000 pages with the pro subscription. To perform an audit on more than 20,000 pages,  you would need a Business subscription plan.

    Select the number of pages per audit and click the “start site audit” option. On this page, you get the choice of email notifications with every audit.

    Semrush Site Audit

    After the site audit finishes, the “site audit” box will get populated with the parameters like site health, errors, and warnings: giving you a  general idea about your website’s health.

    Semrush Site Health

    To go into the details and troubleshooting, click on the “view full report” option. A new window will open with the thematic reports and top issues.

    Semrush Site Health Result

    Various thematics covered are

    • Crawlability
    • HTTP
    • International SEO
    • Core Web Vitals
    • Site Performance
    • Internal Linking
    • Markup

    By clicking on the issues tab, you will see the list of errors, warnings, and notices. Based on your planning, you can choose to implement changes with these suggestions.

    Semrush Site Audit

    On-Page SEO Checker

    The On-Page SEO Checker is a unique Semrush tool for on-page optimization and ideas for increasing website performance.  

    From the dashboard, click on “setup” under “On-Page SEO Checker.” Then click on continue after selecting the country and language. After that, click on “collect ideas.”

    Semrush On-Page SEO

    After this on-page, the SEO checker page will display “total ideas” and Top 10 benchmarking.

    Semrush On-Page SEO Result

    These are suggestions generated by Semrush to improve your website’s organic traffic and optimize your website for the best performance.

    Here is the video of the official SEMrush youtube channel, explaining the On-Page SEO in 2022.


    Hope you’re getting, what you’re looking for in this Semrush review, If not, please leave a comment. I’ll surely update this article.

    Backlink audit

    Backlink audit checks the status of your link building. Click on setup and start a backlink audit for the report. In this report, you will get link toxicity and link networks.

    SEMrush Unique Tools

    Any online tool can help you extract all the above parameters with similar accuracy levels. But the following tools created by Semrush developers are unique to the Semrush platform.

    Keyword Research in SEMrush

    Keyword Magic Tool

    The Keyword Magic Tool is the most used SEMrush tool for keyword research. Just enter the keyword you want to analyze, select the country, and hit the search button. All the keywords related to your input get displayed.

    Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

    What is so special about this tool is that you can get the keyword research done based on broad match, phrase match, exact match, or relation. Also, questions containing the main keyword can be displayed. You can filter the keywords based on Keyword difficulty(KD%), Cost per click(CPC), Volume, and Competition.

    All these factors help you to choose the best keywords for your campaign that can rank on Google. Once you have finished your research, add the keywords to “keyword manager” under the name of your choice.

    You can keep adding the number of keywords depending on your plan. Once done, you can always access these keywords from the keyword manager.

    Semrush Keyword Magic Tool Result

    What Are SEMrush’s Best Features?

    Link Building Tool

    You can create high-quality content and do everything right with on-page SEO, but you will need backlinks to rank and outperform your competitors. The link-building tool helps you to create a backlink-building strategy.   Enter your domain and click on “start link building.” On the next page, add the keyword for link building and select the target country.

    Then Click on “competitors.” You will automatically get the competitors added. If you want o to add a specific name, enter and click the add button. After this, click on “start link building.”


    PPC Keyword Tool

    To run Google AdWords campaigns without any hassle, you can use the PPC tool. This tool helps you to collect the keywords and remove the duplicate ones. Broadly considered, it is a keyword management tool that exports .xls or .csv files with bulk keywords to Google AdWords.


    Lead Generation Tool

    With the lead generation tool, you can place a widget anywhere on your website with the help of HTML code. It is present on the left-hand side menu under “Agency Solutions.”


    Social Media Tracker

    Users can connect their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social media accounts with the Social Media Tracker. This tool can automate and pre-schedule your social media posts for maximum impact.

    Semrush Social Media Toolkit

    SEMrush Pricing And Value For Money

    Semrush has categorized its customers into a spectrum that varies from one-time users to big businesses and agencies. There are four plans designed for this spectrum. For more information, you can see the below pricing table.


    Free Plan

    13053 122124713053

    Semrush is free for one search for anyone who visits their website. You can enter your domain name, keyword, or URL and get the data for one time.

      Note:- Another way to get Semrush for free with premium features is to get a 7-day or 30-day free trial by entering your credit/debit card details. You get charged after the trial period ends. You can cancel anytime before that.

    Pro Plan

    You can keep up to 5 projects at a time and track 500 keywords every day. With 10,000 results in a report, the pro plan is best for a small SEO agency or a website.

    13053 111115213053

    Guru Plan

    Semrush Guru Plan is for small and medium enterprise and marketing firms. With one account, 15 projects can be created and maintained at once. The keyword tracking limit of 15,000 is greater than the pro plan.

    Business Plan

    Semrush Business plan helps large marketing agencies to work on 40 projects at a time; a full extension of Semrush in terms of online digital marketing and SEO.

    Cons Of SEMrush


    1. Features like Historical data, Google Data Studio Integration, Content Marketing Platform, Share of Voice metric, and API Access are not accessible.

    2. Only one target per project.

    3. No keyword cannibalization report.

    4. Google data studio integration is not possible.


    1. Features like the Share of Voice metric and API Access are not accessible.

    2. Analytics features like product listing ads are not available.


    1. The pricing works only for big businesses and agencies.

    2. Parameters for only ten countries.

    3. Only ten plagiarism checks per month.

    SEMrush Review Conclusion


    Semrush is a content management and online visibility tool mainly used for SEO. In this Semrush Review, I'll show you how to increase organic traffic using Semrush and its features.

    Editor's Rating:

    SEMrush is one of the best all-in-one SEO and marketing tools I’ve seen. It prefers to be advertised as a platform for increasing content marketing.

    There are many other marketing or SAAS solutions available on the internet, but Semrush has it all. With all the features, free trial option, PPC competitive research, and also PLA research for eCommerce business owners, You should definitely try SEMrush.  

    SEMrush – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    1. What does the SEMrush subscription cost?

      SEMrush plans range from $119.95/month to $449.95/month. Other additional features like add-ons are accessible with extra monthly charges.

    2. How to reduce SEMrush subscription costs?

      To reduce the subscription cost, users can opt for the annual payment plan. Payment is to be made in advance but only once a year. The discount adds up to 17% with the yearly payment option.

    3. Can I get a free trial on SEMrush?

      For SEMrush free usage, you can register with your email address. Only one project is allowed with ten keywords.

    4. What is the SEMrush 30-day free trial?

      This offer is not available on SEMrush official website but with partner links. You can Google “SEMrush 30-day free trial” and get the link for registration. Card details are mandatory for this offer. Payment is auto-charged after 30 days.

    5. Which tool is best, Google Analytics or SEMrush?

      Google analytics starts any project by integrating the analytics code into the website. Only after this integration, Google analytics starts to collect data from the website. You cannot access the previous website stats. With SEMrush, you can get the organic traffic data before the integration date as well. Historical data is accessible with SEMrush but not with Google analytics.

    6. Is SEMrush a good SEO tool for beginners?

      SEMrush is easy to use and implement.  Also, every process is made simpler through tutorials and articles. There are certifications and training programs as well for beginners.

    7. Is SEMrush worth the investment?

      SEMrush is worth the investment. Any SAAS like SEMrush can prove to help manage and plan the campaign. Tools like Keyword Magic Tool and Link Building Tool are time and cost-saving.

    8. Can I cancel the SEMrush subscription anytime?

      Yes, you can cancel the SEMrush subscription anytime before your next payment date. On the home screen, click on the top-right profile icon and select “subscription info.” Click on the active button and then “contact us.”  And submit the cancelation request.

    9. Which tool is better to use in SEO, Ahrefs or SEMrush?

      Although both the tools are similar to each other in terms of features and data research tools. Some differences are noticeable.

    10. How to reach SEMrush customer care?

      For troubleshooting, use this link. You can get an answer to most of your queries through various articles and guides on this page.   You can also request a free demo from the SEMrush experts.   Even then, if your issues stay unresolved and technical troubleshooting is needed, you can contact their customer support.

    11. How to subscribe to SEMrush Premium?

      Follow the below steps to subscribe to SEMrush Pro or Guru or Business plan.

      Step 1:- Go to

      Step 2:- Click on “Sign Up” on the top-right if you don’t have a SEMrush account.

      Step 3:- Choose “Continue with Google” if you want to use your Google account for login or enter your email and new password and then click on “Create your account”

      Step 4:- You will receive an email from SEMrush to verify your account. Verify your account and again login to your Semrush account.

      Step 5:- Now click on pricing on the top bar. You will see Pro, Guru, and Business plans with prices in USD.

      Step 6:- Choose the “Try for Free” or “Subscribe” options.

      Step 7:- Enter your credit or debit card details for activating the subscription.

      Step 8:- You will receive a confirmation email, after which you can start using the SEMrush premium features.

    12. Why do most experts suggest SEMrush?

      Youtube and Google are the two most used search engines in the world. Google uses its discreet algorithm to calculate and populate the results upon every search. Google wants to help organic content rank better than paid by keeping the playing field level for small and big websites/businesses.

      But Google does encourage white hat SEO techniques. And online marketing experts use these techniques to increase brand popularity and increase sales. Because of its 10+ years of experience in online marketing, most experts recommend Semrush. Semrush keeps on upgrading its SAAS by constantly collecting insights from third parties.

      And if you like to know about Semrush competitors, I’ve also written an article in which I’ve compared the most popular competitor of SEMrush v\s Ahref.

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